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  • Costly? Not at all.  The cost is a fraction of cost compared to classroom training.
  • Complete privacy – nobody knows that you are preparing yourself for a kill.
  • Step by step easy to understand modules.

Q.1. I am a young Construction Engineer, I do not know anything about ISO or Quality Management System.  Can you explain me?

Ans. ISO is International Organisation of Standardisation based in Geneva - Switzerland and is a voluntary organisation promoting Quality Management Standards.
More than 30,000 professionals worldwide assist ISO in developing Quality Management Standards.

Q.2  What is involved in Quality Management Standards?

Ans. These standards provide guidelines for developing Quality Management Systems, Procedures, Checklists, etc. so that the construction quality is improved – if you follow the requirements of standards.

Q.3  Will you please give an example of how ISO 9000 Standards can improve my construction quality?

Ans. Let us say, you want to provide waterproofing to your terrace. As per ISO Standards, you will require to make out a step-by-step procedure for carrying out the waterproofing work. From this you develop checklists, so that you do not miss any items of the procedure & work is carried out as per the required procedure.  Moreover, time to time somebody audits to make sure that the work carried out is as required and that the waterproofing qualities are achieved. This is an example of one activity of construction.

However with ISO 9001-2008 standards, you develop a Quality Manual for your construction project, covering various activities including foundation, concreting, masonry work etc.  The Quality Manual provides a Road Map to better Quality.
ISO also prescribes that for overall quality of product, you need to cover purchasing, training, contracts, preparation of designs, drawings, etc. so that the overall quality is achieved, maintained and continuously improved.

For more on ISO 9001-2008.

Q.4  What do you propose to teach me on your training program?

Ans. The Online Training will teach you how to prepare Procedures, Processes,
Method Statements, Checklists etc. for various activities and how to monitor & achieve better quality.

Q.5  But how all this will help me in my future career and what are the benefits?

Ans.  Once, you are recognised as a quality conscious Engineer, your contribution to the quality of your projects will make a difference to the projects. This will definitely help improve  your career.  Your promotion and level of responsibility will immediately change to achieve rapid growth in your career.  I have seen this happening in last twenty years of my Training experience.

Q.6  How do I start the training?  How can the training be useful to my company?

Ans. You may start with “Awareness Training” and then proceed to improve by taking up “Advance Training Modules” & “Auditor Training & Quality Manual Training.”  This way you can help your construction company in organising high Quality Management System to International Standards.  If your company is already ISO 9001-2008 certified, you will be in a unique position to maintain and improve construction quality. 
If your company is not ISO 9000 certified, you will be a key person in setting up International Quality Management System to bring high level of improvement in your construction projects.

Q.7  Can you give some examples about feedback received by you from Training other Engineers?    

Ans. I will share with you an experience of a recent Training Program conducted for more than 100 student Engineers at "Vidyavardhini's College of Engineering and Technology" - Vasai (west). Mumbai.
The feedback from more than 90% of the Training Engineers was that the Training was:

  • Informative
  • Educational
  • Exciting
  • Has changed my approach to ‘Quality”
  • Interesting  -  Fun
  • Encourages me to think & collaborate
  • Will look for more information on  ISO 9000 Quality Management System.

Another example – Sometime back, I was invited to Hyderabad for training more than 30 Engineers of "K. Raheja Corp." Mumbai - a highly reputed ISO 9000 Certified Real Estate Company.
The Training was conducted for 4 days and included all the Modules which are presented in our Online Training Modules.

Q.8  How are your Training Modules tested?

Ans.The Online Training Modules are based on workshops & training conducted for hundreds of Engineers and Managers of Construction & Real Estate Companies, besides conducting workshops at The Institution of Engineers (India), Bhagubhai Polytechnic - Mumbai, and a number of other Engineering Colleges, Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry and others.

The training is carefully tailored to the requirements of construction industry for maximum effectiveness.

Q.9  Can you give an example of a Real Estate Company who got ISO 9000 certified and whether they got any special benefit out of that?

Ans. I was Editor of "Quality In Construction" a monthly news letter published since "December 1993". I will share with you an interview I had with "Mantri Construction" a reputed Pune based real estate company to give you more idea about the special benefits of getting ISO 9000 Certified.

For details of the interview

Q.10  What do I need to join Online Training Program?

Ans. You need to have a PC, Tablet Or Mobile devices with an Internet connection.

Q.11  How do I make payment and start learning?

Ans. It is easy. You can select the particuler training program.

  • select “Buy Now.”
  • Make payment by Credit Card, Debit Card or .
  • We will send you Link by Email.
  • You can now down load the Program using the Link and start Learning.

Q.12  How often do I evaluate, take tests?

Ans. Evaluation & Testing is a part of continuous learning.  This is spread out evenly in the Program.

Q.13  How do I get more practice on the topics I have learnt?

Ans. Case Studies, examples & well spread out carefully designed Tests give you more experience in the field.

Q.14  What type of support you provide during my training period?

Ans. We provide support on Training by Telephone, Email & through Skype to solve your problems & support in interactive learning.

Q.15  What about certificates and better jobs?

Ans. Our online programs are designed to improve effectiveness, competence and contribute to the profitability of organisation & add value to your professional life.  “Certification” will be issued on your Qualifying in your final test.

Q.16  Who are your clients?

Ans. Our client list includes some of the top real estate and construction companies including K. Raheja Corp., Lokhandwala Constructions,  Tata Housing Development Company, Rustomjee Group-Keystone, Gammon India-Mumbai & a number of other companies.

For more details of Training Programs & Prices:


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Critical Process Of High Rise Construction Teamwork Learning Workshop was in progress at "Palais Royale" for Raghuveer Urban Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd at Mumbai.

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Our Clients

  • K. Raheja Corporation.
  • Gammon India - Mumbai.
  • Rustomjee Group- Keystone.
  • Tata Housing Development Company.
  • CIDCO.
  • Sheth Group.
  • Omkar Realtors & Developers.
  • Marathon Group.
  • Lokhandwala Constructions.
  • Nirlon Knowledge Park.
  • Raghuveer Urban Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ashray Realtors.

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