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ISO 9001-2008.

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K. Raheja Corporation.

Gammon India - Mumbai.

Rustomjee Group - Keystone.

Tata Housing Development Company.


Sheth Group.

Marathon Group.

Lokhandwala Construction

Nirlon Knowledge Park.

Raghuveer Urban Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd.

ISO 9000 Consultancy for Construction - Real Estate & Infrastructure Companies.

How do I improve Quality on my Construction Projects?
How do I develop and implement ISO 9000 QMS?

What is ISO 9000 Quality Management System?

ISO stands for "International Organisation for Standardisation" and is based in Geneva.

The Standards are developed for Industries to improve their Quality Management System, so that industries can produce products of consistent quality and can also improve the quality of the products.

The guidelines are the results of more than 70,000 professionals from all over the world contributing to the development of the Standards.

What is the difference between ISO Standards & I.S. Code?

I. S. Codes (Indian Standards) are mandatary requirements for construction industry. Various I. S. codes are available for viz. Cement, Steel, Brick, Concrete Blocks, Block Masonry, Concrete Design of Steel, R. C. C. Structures, Scaffold etc. These are specification requirements.

I. S. Codes do not provide procedures to make sure that these specifications are achieved and then constantly maintained.

ISO standards provide Quality System and Procedures to achieve the specifications and to consistently achieve the same & improve.

We specialise & work for Construction Industry.

We are a firm of Consulting Engineers practising in Mumbai - India, since more than 40 years working on major Construction Projects in Design - Execution & Project Management. During the last 15 years, we have worked with a number of construction companies to get them certified.

What do we provide you?

We provide complete package to develop and implement your Quality Management System and get you certified for ISO 9000.

How do we prepare you for the Certification?

We provide you a total Package with Five Modules:

  1. Evaluation Module : To check your present status in Quality. We provide you with a checklist to work out how you stand in quality of your projects against the international requirements. This is the first step for your Quality improvement.
  2. Complete Quality Manual Covering all ISO 9001 : 2008 Requirements:
    Based on the Evaluation, we will provide you a complete Quality Manual with quality procedures, method statements, checklists, formats, etc. as per the requirements.
    This will be a starting point for your preparation towards certification.
  3. ISO 9001 Training Module: This is a tool to provide detailed training for your construction professionals regarding the implementation of Quality Management System. The training module also includes training for Auditing your projects and complying with Audit requirements. Your key people will be ready with all the Tools to move forwards in the Quality Improvement Process.
  4. Implementation Module : Provide you step by step guidelines for implementing Quality Management System & to prepare you for certification.
  5. Certification Guidance Module :
    Provides partial list of Certification Bodies provides guidelines for preparing for pre-assessment audit and final audit of your company resulting into the "Certification" for ISO 9001-2008.
  6. Personal Consultation: In case you require any clarifications, our staff will be available at our Mumbai office with prior appointment or by E-mail.
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